Pair driving breast-collar harness

The mane cover should bepadded soft like the selett and not overlie the withers.
An appropriate chamber for the horse must be provided.
Also the size should be okay, so that there will be no harness pressure.
Our mane cover includes - if there are no other agreements with our customers - two long hand filled pads with hidden border and a double sided buggled abdominal belt.

It´s like the single breast-collar
The pair driving
breast-collar are
not fixedon the
selett but on the
mane cover.

The breast-collar harness should - like single harnesses - suit exactly in it´s size.
It should not be fixed to deep on the joints of the legs, also not too high,
in order to constrict the breathing. A to long or to short breast-collar harness effects a compression generation over the mane cover.

The draw line from breast -collar, trace and carriage should be a straight line.